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How many other LOCAL studio got them mics?!?  Neumann U-87, Royer 121, Audio Technica 4050(pair), Sennheiser 421 and more...

How many other LOCAL studio got them mics?!? Neumann U-87, Royer 121, Audio Technica 4050(pair), Sennheiser 421 and more...

THE DROP SITE RECORDING STUDIO is a professional recording studio located in Union Square Somerville, MA.   The Drop Site is owned and operated by keyboardist Keith Hollis who through the years has understudied with his father, Gary Ladinsky, who is an accomplished engineer and mixing engineer in Los Angeles.
The DROP SITE STUDIO is a high end project studio.  Specializing in music production, recording, mixing and everything in between. The Drop Site Studio is proud to feature a 24 bit, 32 track Pro-Tools (NOT LE) recording system and a fully automated 72 input desk Mackie Digi X-Bus. We have super high end Avalon and GML Mic Pre's - Plus several high end and vintage mics including, Neumann u-87, two Royer 121 ribbon mic's, 2 Audio Technica 4050's, two Schoeps Mic's , a AGK D-112 and a Sennheiser 421. Plus half a dozen sure 57 and 58's and other assorted dynamic mics.

The Drop Site maintains a mint Hammond A-100 (plus 147 Leslie), Chickering Studio upright piano, Fender Rhodes Stage Piano and a Nord Electro 2. We also have a nice Sonor full drum kit available upon request, for an additional fee.

The Drop Site Studios specializes in acoustic demos for singer/songwriters and full band recordings of jazz, funk, soul, jam, R&b, rap, folk, classical music and rock.

The Drop Site is an off the beaten path studio with a super chill vibe!   Lot's of parking around the building as well!

Keith Hollis is available to play piano, Hammond or any keys on your project.


* Mackie Digi X-bus 72 input Console
* 32 Track 24 Bit Pro Tools (NOT Pro Tools LE)
* Hundreds of Plug-Ins (if you must)
* Class A Mic PREs (GML 2 Channel and AVALON 2 Channel)
* Neumann u87, (2) Royer 121's, 2 AT 4050's, Senheiser 441, AKG D-112, Schoeps and more!
* Hammond A-100, Leslie 147, Chickering Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes Stage 73, Nord Electro 2
* NS-10's Monitors (Industry Standard)
* KRK Rock-It 6 Monitors

* PRICE IS RIGHT! $285 FOR DAILY LOCKOUT WITH AN ENGINEER - Usually beginning at 10:00 AM until  6:00 PM Monday thru Friday This gets you an engineer plus the whole studio for 8 hours.

($35/hr with a 4 hour minimum)  Saturday's and Sunday's are available upon early request.  

Great location in Somerville, MA - *FREE PARKING*